इंस्टाग्राम पर लाइक्स कैसे बढ़ाये ? जाने Step by Setp


Today we will know in this post that Instagram Likes Kaise Badhaye?  If any of you want to know how to increase Instagram likes, then they should definitely read this post of ours.  You can find many ways to increase Instagram likes on the internet but most of all does not work.  But today in this post we will know only the method that really works.  With the help of the method described in this post, you can increase as many likes as you want.  So let's know how to increase the likes on Instagram, complete information in English.

Instagram is a social media platform where you can put your photo or video and share it with the people.  Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 and since then it has quickly become a logo choice.  In April 2012, Facebook bought the application for $ 1 billion.  According to a data of 2019, more than 1 billion people are associated with Instagram.

 There are two types of accounts on this social media platform, public and private.  You can view public account posts even without following the account, but to see the posts of private account, you have to follow the account.  If you want to increase your likes then always keep your account public because there are very few people who will follow you to like your post.

How to increase Instagram likes:

 Post Daily:

 You do not have to post that once a month.  If you want to increase your likes, then make a habit of posting daily.  Instagram also works according to the algorithm. When you post daily, their algorithm will show your post to as many people as possible.  So post your good photos and videos daily.

 The post should be attractive:

 To get maximum likes, your post should be good in appearance, which attracts people.  Nowadays people like to watch HD photos and videos, so keep in mind that your photo is uploaded with clear pixels.  Apart from this, you can also use Instagram filters in photos, which makes the photo look even better.

 Use a good caption:

 The written information given in relation to an image is called a caption.  It is used on all social media platforms nowadays, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.  If the caption is written well, good words are used, then people do share your post.  The more people share, the more likely it is that likes will increase.

 Use the hashtag:

 Whenever you post, you must use the hashtag related to that post.  Using the hashtag, your post will be shown to as many people as possible.  If someone uses the #instagram hashtag in their post, then if you use this hashtag in your post, then your post will also be shown with them.  In this way, you can increase the likes by showing your post to as many people as possible.

 Keep Account Public:

 If you keep your Instagram account private then people cannot see your post without following it.  Therefore, the account should always be public only then you will get more and more likes.  Make an account private only if you do not want to show your post to anyone other than just your followers.

 Run Instagram Paid Ads:

 If you want, you can also increase the likes by running AIDS on Instagram.  Running AIDS will increase the likes on your post very quickly and your post will reach more people.  But keep in mind that you have to spend money to run AIDS.  To run AIDS on Instagram, you have to create an account on Facebook Ads Manager because both Instagram and Facebook belong to the same company.

 Use Instagram Auto Liker:

 You can use Auto Liker to increase likes on Instagram.  This is an online tool that you have to link with your Instagram account.  When your Instagram account is linked with Auto Liker, after that you can select any post you want to increase the likes.  You can also select how many likes you want to increase.

 Instagram Auto liker increases the likes on your account from the real account.  But using this, your account can also be used to like another person's post, similarly this Auto Liker works.  If you search "Instagram Auto Liker" on the Internet, you will find many applications / websites that provide this service to you.

The Conclusion

 So friends today, we have known Instagram Likes Kaise Badhaye full information in Hindi.  Today we have learned some ways in this post that the likes can be increased on Instagram.  This is a very simple method that if used properly, you will surely get good results.  Hope you have liked this post of ours, then do not forget to share it.

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