Ways to remember early - Jaldi yaad karne ka tarika - याद कैसे करे? जल्दी याद करने का तरीका


How to remember  Recalling quickly is not just a matter of everyone, someone remembers it quickly and someone spends hours.  The simplest meaning of my saying is that everyone has different power to remember.  If you want to remember soon, then for this you have to follow some of the methods mentioned by us and all these methods which I am going to tell you today, will definitely work for you.  There are many ways to remember friends quickly, but I will tell you only those ways which will be good for you.  If you are a student, then you must read this post and parents can also guide their children by reading these tips so that their children can also remember them quickly.  

So, friends, now you know how to remember? Way to remember quickly.

How to memorize quickly: - How to memorize the material you have read for a long time and quickly?

 Do you want to know how to remember the material you read for a long time and quickly?  So you are on exactly the right post.  Let us tell you how to remember for a long time.

 Nowadays due to haste and technology, our memory power has also been affected.  Be it children or grown-ups, it has an impact on everyone.

 Children going to school or college want to know how to remember the lesson they read for a long time so that they can remember all the material during the exam day.  Children are suffering from depression due to forgetting the read material, due to which they take wrong steps.

 To overcome all these difficulties, we are giving you some tips (Jaldi yaad karne ka tarika), which will be helpful for you.

Friends, every student wants to remember what he reads because in exam time we forget a lot of things which causes a lot of damage to our marks, so there are many benefits to remembering quickly, such as saving your time.  , Good preparation is done for the exam, you do not forget to read it soon, during the exam time you are tension free and there are many benefits to remembering quickly.  Friends, if you are a student then according to me you should know about all these methods because all these tips will be very helpful for the student.  If you want to top your class or are preparing for any competition, then read this post of us well.  I can say this with the claim that you will be able to remember things quickly and will not forget easily.

 How to remember  Quick way to remember:

 Take a deep and full sleep:

 Just like we cannot walk continuously, in the same way our mind also needs to rest and that rest gets to our mind only when we sleep deeply and soundly.  Many students do not sleep properly in the anxiety of exam and think that by doing this they can study for more time and remember more things.  But I would like to tell you that nothing like this happens, on the contrary, you are unable to concentrate on your studies because you have not given time to relax your mind and constantly insist on remembering things on your mind.  In such a situation, your brain does not remember all the things and whatever you remember forgets quickly, so get a good sleep and then study.  The student should always sleep early and wake up early only then he can perform well in the study.

 Eat a good and rich meal:

 Think you are very hungry but if you do not want to eat in worry of exam, will you be able to concentrate in your studies?  I know your answer will not be the same as mine because all your attention will be on your hunger at that time and it becomes very difficult to study on an empty stomach, so eat as much food as you can and then watch your study too.  And everything will be remembered soon.  According to me, a student should consume as much green vegetables and fruits as this, along with your body, your mind will also be healthy.

 Drink as much water as possible:

 Our body is made up of 70% water, so we should always try to keep our body hydrated.  If you do not drink much water and ignore the thirst, then your attention may be disturbed and no matter what you try, you will not miss anything.  This is a very simple thing on which most students never pay attention and their ability to remember is reduced, so keep your body always hydrated and do not let the lack of water.  When you sit down to remember something, keep a bottle of water with you at that time, it will definitely benefit you.

 Workout with memorization:

 All of you will know that exercise is good for our body and it also increases the strength of your memory, you know how?  Just now, in a search by the scientist, it has been found that if you exercise with your studies, then you will remember that thing quickly and you do not forget it quickly.  Let me explain this to you with an example that if you remember sitting in the same place in your room, you will not be able to remember as soon as you can remember walking in your room.  Those who are more active and they like to walk, then they must remember this way and look at it.

 Remember by writing:

 When you remember by writing, you do not forget that written thing quickly and you remember those things for a long time.  Therefore, while remembering, keep a notebook with you and whatever you want to remember, write it by speaking.  If you remember in this way, you will also remember it quickly, along with your notes will also be prepared.  When I have to remember something, then I also remember in the same way, you too must try to remember in this way.

 Create a map in mind:

 You can remember things quickly by creating a Mind Map. By Mind Map I mean to connect things to each other. It is a very easy and good way to remember quickly.  Mind map is very helpful for the students who forget the things they read very quickly.  Make an image in your mind of what you are remembering and try to relate other things to it.  It will be beneficial that even if you accidentally forget something during exam time, by remembering that image, you will remember those forgotten things.

 Recall in a secluded place:

 Think you are sitting in some place where there is a lot of noise, can you remember anything?  According to me, even if not remembered at all, you will soon forget it.  I mean to say that always sit in a place where there is less noise and no one is going to bother you.  In a secluded place, we remember things quickly, so students should remember sitting in a secluded place.

 Put away your gadget:

 Nowadays everyone is a slave of gadget, I am also man, you all know how much we students love gadgets and no one can live a day without a gadget.  Love gadgets is not a bad thing, just don't let it become a reason for distraction in your studies. I mean when you are studying, do not keep your gadget away from you, you have to have a phone in one hand and the other hand.  In notebook.

 Recall at sunrise:

 Yes, sunrise is the best time to remember.  At this time, whatever you read, you remember it quickly.  The reason behind this is that our sleep is complete in the morning and our brain is feeling completely refreshed.  For this reason, we do not forget things read at this time.  So you have to sleep between 8PM to 9PM at night time and try to remember by getting up around 4AM in the morning.  This method is very good and simple and you will not be disappointed to see it.

ust as we keep working and getting tired, our body needs rest.  Similarly our mind also needs rest.

 Although our mind never sleeps, but you sleep deeply or when you are sleepy after getting up from sleep you wake up.  So you will see that your working speed has increased.

 Keep the time fix for sleeping at night.  Try to get up early after sleeping in the morning, repeat the lesson once again at night.  By doing this, you will also remember whatever you have forgotten, and you will remember the lesson you have read for a long time.

The Conclusion 

So friends, how did we remember going today?  I told you all how to remember quickly and some tips related to them.  Friends, if your exams are coming close and you have not missed anything, then there is nothing to fear, we should follow these tips.  Remembering early is not a big deal, you just have to keep your mind calm and just pay full attention to studies.  If you liked how to remember this post of ours, then do share it.


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