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Friends, all of you are welcome once again, friends today, we will tell you where you can buy the buy back item of Amazon Flipkart, friends, today we are going to tell you about Om Mobile, Om Mobile is in Delhi's Rohini m2k market.  You will get to see inside an office on the second floor of the m2k market. Friends Om Mobile offers you all the second hand phones open box mobile laptops. All the SS series of mobiles at the old price if you want to do your business in the mobile field.  In this, Om Mobile is going to be the best option for you because Om Mobile comes with Amazon and Flipkart's Buy Back item, which is the item that Om Mobile provides to all of you very cheaply if you want to join your mobile business.  If you want to open or open a laptop business, then you can either go to the m2k market or call their number below and ask for the goods sitting at home, but we will say one thing whenever you take the first deal.  Go to them only so that you can know what kind of goods they give.

Who is OM MOBILE Owner

Ankit Jain is om mobile owner & he is very cool person.

Friends now talk about what items does that mobile do to us, then tell us that we get every item sold on Amazon and Flipkart at the rate of Jacqueline near them, as if talking mobile phones with them.  Every company will get a deal as well as a laptop deal. Along with this, you get to see everything like motherboard processor and friends, the best thing is that this mobile gives you the best category item, everything here.  GST is available with the bill and it also comes with mobile accessories inside it. Earphones Headphones Air Birds Apple Airport Mi4 Samsung Buds You get it all.


Om Mobiles
Address- Office 270, 2nd Floor, Bitto tikki ke upar,          M2K Mall, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi 

Contact/whatsapp-    9350009698




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